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The News Room
Extra Extra, Calling all dolls of GTD!
We are going to have a GTD Calendar for 2005!
I need you doll photos to fit the following themes!
January - Celebrations!
February - Valentines!
March - St. Paddy's Day!
April - Showers Bring May Flowers!
May - Flowers!
June - Brides!
July - Patriotic Celebrations!
August - Summer Picnic!
September - Back to School!
October - Halloween!
November - Turkey Day!
December - Christmas Dreams!
One photo will do, the doll can be made in the past two years or fresh for this purpose. Please put in the subject line which month you are vying for. All proceeds for the sale of the calendar will go to the scholarship fund!

Quarterly News Letter Coming soon!
I am looking for any up coming doll events local to you or anywhere in the world!
I am look for news of new doll patterns that are coming out soon!
New Doll Classes coming soon!
You name it in the doll business I want to hear about it to put here!
Contact me

I have in on the best of authority that Miss Kitty has moved into a new home. Hope she is doing well and I wish her the best.

We have a wonderful swap mistress Lisa Juris. She keeps track of all the swaps that go on here. Please give her your email and snail mail addresses privately before joining any swaps.

Due to extenuating Circumstances Margie Phelps is unable to continue the year out as our Birthday Mistress. She has done a wonder ful job for us on all those handmade Birthday cards. She may have to leave us for a time and we will miss her greatly. I wish her the best in a tough situation!

On a good note! Susanne Faulkenberry is our new Mistress. Though she will not be sending out hand made cards, she will still be making sure all our members are remembered on thier Birthdays. Email address coming soon!

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